About Us

Crown Fire Door Products began in 2015, as the original answer to fire doors  with excessive clearances and gaps. At the time, there was no easy solution for  compliance in sight; the only remedy was to shim the frames or replace the door  and/or the frame altogether. But, with an idea, our research and development  began, UL testing followed, and Crown Fire Door Products, Inc., emerged with the  industry answer to excessive clearances and gaps. 

Excessive clearances you say? Yes, excessive. How about a UL rating of up-to  180 minutes for steel doors with clearances of up-to ½ inch? Or our wood door UL  rating of up-to 90 minutes, with up-to 3/8 inch clearances? Or even our Vertical  Extension for pairs of doors, rated with a clearance of up-to a whopping, one-inch  clearance?! And, with ratings of up-to 180 minutes for steel doors, and up-to 90  minutes for wood doors, we can even correct gaps at the bottom of your fire  doors, of up-to two inches! 

What does all this mean? It means you can restore compliance to your fire  doors. It means our Crown Fire Door Stop System will ensure the fire door  assembly’s performance as an integral part of a life safety protection system, compartmentalizing fire, as intended, and providing excellent barrier  management, even with excessive clearances and gaps! Our UL listing, obtained  through rigorous, full-scale fire testing, speaks to this…our products work! What  speaks louder? Our customers.  

Our excellent customer service, fast turn-around, and our easy-to-use, superior  products keep customers coming back. Owner, Courtney Noble, proudly says, ”The best thing I can say about our Crown products is that every, single customer  who has purchased our products, has bought them again.” For this, we are  grateful; it only makes us work harder to please and serve our customers better,  every day. Why not give us a try, and see what we can do for you?  

 As you can tell, we are proud of our products and their UL ratings: a testament  to how well our products work! You can find more information on products,  ratings, codes, testing, and things to watch out for when purchasing fire door  accessories, right here, on this website. Check it out!

--- All Products US Patent Nos. 9,151,106 & 9,518,422 | Canadian Patent Nos. 2,846,726 & 2,939,255 ---


The Crown Fire Door Stop System is UL approved for excessive clearances on wood and steel fire doors.The Crown Fire Door Extension has been UL approved to correct excessive undercuts on wood and steel fire doors. Applying these products does not increase or decrease the fire door assembly’s existing fire rating.

Crown is the ORIGINAL, UL-listed, 90-minute wood door solution and the ONLY 180-minute steel door solution for excessive clearances and gaps.